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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

Nov 2, 2021

Alyson Watson is CEO and co-founder of Modern Health, a mental health unicorn!  Modern Health is a global mental health benefits solution for employers that covers the spectrum of mental wellbeing needs from tech enabled solutions to professional support solutions on one platform.

You can connect with Alyson here:  LinkedIn

What If Fellowship:



  1. Alyson shares her background with mental health, her education, and how it led her to the mental health space. She also shares about Modern Health and what their mission is.

  2. Alyson talks about Y Combinator, what the process looks like as a startup who applies, the benefits from it and the difference it made for her when starting up Modern Health.

  3. We discuss the stigma and lack of access that used to surround mental health support from employers and how Modern Health is helping to solve these issues.

  4. We talk about how mental health problems limit productivity and how this is a societal problem, not only in the workplace but in personal lives as well.

  5. Alyson shares what more she thinks companies can do to promote mental wellness with their employees.

  6. We discuss the vision for Modern Health and where she sees the company going in the future.

  7. Alyson shares her advice for those who are wishing to start up their own company and what she wishes she knew when she started.


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