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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

Jul 7, 2021

Dr. Anthony Hassan, President and CEO of the Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) joins us today.  CVN is a network of 25 non-profit mental health clinics providing care to veterans and their families.  The facilities are located in or around historically dense veteran and active duty military communities.

Dr. Hassan is a veteran of the United States Army and Air Force with 30 years of experience in military behavioral health. He holds a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Florida and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

You can connect with Anthony here:  Cohen Veterans Network, Email

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  1. Anthony Hassan talks about his 30 years of experience in the military, focusing on the mental health of active-duty service members. We discuss the unique problems military members and veterans face regarding mental health and why finding help isn’t easy.

  2. We discussed the stigma around mental health specifically in the military and veteran communities and why it seems to be worse at times than in other communities.

  3. Anthony explained what mental health care services are in place for veterans, and where the gaps exist today and how the Cohen Veteran Network was created to fill those gaps.

  4. We talk about the workforce inside the clinics, the shortage of mental health workers in America, and how the Cohen Veterans Network fosters their network of clinicians on staff.

  5. The Cohen Veterans Network is continually experimenting with new technological advances and cutting-edge treatments that they believe can help veterans with their mental health. The CVN platform has become an incubator or pilot partner of choice for many up-and-coming technologies serving the mental health space.

  6. Anthony shares what the long-term goals are for the clinics and what is needed in terms of support to make those goals a reality.


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