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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

Jul 17, 2020

Mental Health Market Update: 7/17/2020 – 2Q 2020 Disruptive Healthcare Earnings Preview –

With 2nd Quarter 2020 earnings announcements just around the corner, I thought it would make sense to take stock of where our disruptive healthcare peers are trading, how they have performed so far this year and what to expect and watch out for as their release earnings in the coming weeks.

In today’s episode we are focused on a subset of our “Disruptive Healthcare” peers which as a group broadly, includes Teladoc, Livongo, One Medical, Health Equity, Progyny, Health Catalyst, Phreesia, Ontrak (which was Catasys prior to this week but they changed their name as you’re aware).

In this episode we digest what startups and their investors in the digital health space should be focused on, what those bits of information mean and what we can take away from how these companies are performing as well as what they report by way of Q2 earnings.


  1. Livongo earnings call details: 8/6, Dial-in 270-215-9499; ID: Livongo

  2. One Medical earnings call details: Date: TBD; Dial-in: TBD

  3. Teladoc earnings call details: 7/29 at 4:30pm ET, 833-968-2101

  4. Mental Health Startup Community Slack: Link Here


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