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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

Jun 26, 2020

Mental Health Market Update: 6/26/2020 – Teladoc Overview: Teladoc (Ticker: TDOC) provides integrated healthcare services including telehealth, mental health, expert medical services remotely.   

In today’s market update, we dig into the company’s primary business units, its growth, valuation, M&A history, growth prospects and what we in the behavioral health startup ecosystem can learn from digging into the numbers around Teladoc.



  1. What exactly Teledoc does, how they have grown via relationships with UnitedHealth, CVS, Medicare/Medicaid and through an aggressive M&A strategy.

  2. We highlight their M&A history and what they paid for a lot of their key acquisitions.

  3. We dig into their current stock price, valuation levels, peer group, and how the Company has traded versus its peers lately, and in recent years. We make note that the Company started to out-pace its peers in terms of valuation long before COVID happened.

  4. We question whether the Company should trade at 20x revenue or 200x EBITDA and what it means that they are trading at those levels as of today.

  5. What is the stock worth? Should it be trading at $200 a share?

  6. Finally, we give two key takeaways that founders of behavioral health or really any digital health startup should take into consideration based on the performance of Teladoc and how they position their business.



Teladoc March 2020 Investor Deck:

Q1 2020 earnings press release:

Mental health startup slack community:


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