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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

Mar 30, 2021

Today’s guest is Ali Abramovitz. She is the co-founder of Chorus Meditation and she is here to talk about the work she is doing to make meditation a group activity. In this episode, we will talk about why group meditation is beneficial, how to do it, and what exactly the benefits are.


You can connect with Ali here: Linked In, Chorus Website, Facebook, Instagram

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  1. Ali shares about her background in business and as an investor, and how her own personal journey with meditation led her to create Chorus Meditation.

  2. We discuss the stigma around meditation, what roadblocks exist for traditional meditation, and how Chorus is finding ways around these roadblocks.

  3. Ali shares the ideas behind making meditation a group activity, the story of their development of Chorus, and how making meditation a shared experience benefits an individual.

  4. We discuss the power of shared experiences and how it changes the mindset of the individuals involved, and the resulting relationships that can form from this.

  5. Ali shares that the main problem they’re helping with is stress and how stress can affect your life and relationships.

  6. We discuss how the group dynamic has changed since the pandemic, the changes that were made to Chorus, what changes had to occur to continue to bring these benefits to people, and what the user interface looks like post-pandemic.

  7. We discuss where Ali sees Chorus going in the long run and what goals they have for the company.

  8. Finally, Ali shares her final thoughts on consistency being the key to real change and how Chorus can help everyone.


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